1. noun
1) (something bought cheaply and giving good value for money: This carpet was a real bargain.) godt kjøp, funn
2) (an agreement made between people: I'll make a bargain with you.) avtale
2. verb
(to argue about or discuss a price etc: I bargained with him and finally got the price down.) prute, kjøpslå
subst. \/ˈbɑːɡɪn\/
1) avtale
2) godt kjøp, kupp, fordelaktig handel
it was a real bargain
det var et virkelig funn
3) utsalgs-
a bargain's a bargain sagt er sagt, en avtale er en avtale
at a bargain billig, til en bra pris
bargain price spottpris, utsalgspris
chance bargain leilighetskjøp
drive a hard bargain tvinge gjennom harde betingelser
in(to) the bargain på kjøpet, attpåtil, dessuten, i tillegg
make a bargain komme til enighet, gjøre en handel
strike a bargain with someone eller conclude a bargain with someone slutte en handel med noen gjøre en avtale med noen
that's a bargain! det er en avtale! , da er det avgjort!
verb \/ˈbɑːɡɪn\/
kjøpslå, prute, forhandle
bargain for regne med, (for)vente (seg)
he got more than he bargained for
han fikk mer enn han hadde regnet med
bargain something away selge noe altfor billig
bargaining power forhandlingsstyrke
bargaining table forhandlingsbord
bargain with someone kjøpslå med noen

English-Norwegian dictionary. 2013.

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